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Spillere og ledere / Assistent Manager
« på: 30. Aug. 2008, 22:22 »
Jeg har lurt på hvem som egentlig er assistent managern vår?  Det kan virke som Terry McDermot er assistenten til keegan, eller så har vi bare valgt å fjerne den stillingen fra klubben vår.

Trener Teamet vårt virker rimelig tynt med Keegan, Terry McDermot, Chris Hughton og Paul Barron.

Generelt / Din Favoritt spiller i Newcastle?
« på: 04. Mars 2006, 12:10 »
Topicen sier vel det meste... Men hvem er din/deres fav. spiller i Newcastle squaden, og hvorfor?

Generelt / Luque Spiss eller ving? Beholde eller selge?
« på: 20. Feb. 2006, 14:12 »

Generelt / Newcastle's Beste Kjøp, Shearer eller Given?
« på: 10. Jan. 2006, 14:54 »
FF Var ute og sa at Shearer var Newcastle's Beste kjøp. Shearer var dyrere en Given, men pr dags dato er nok given mere viktig en Shearer, så spm er lett hvem var det beste kjøpet av disse to?

Generelt / Hvorfor Liker Du Newcastle United?
« på: 07. Des. 2005, 10:48 »
Topicen sier seg vel selv, vil gjerne vite hvorfor dere liker Newcastle United? Har fulgt med på Newcastle-online og her over en god stund nå, og vil si at det er delte meninger om hvorfor folkene holder med Newcastle. Så gi meg deres meining på denne saken...

Generelt / "Robert - Souness set for Toon axe"
« på: 28. Juni 2005, 08:57 »
From the bbc:


Robert - Souness set for Toon axe

Portsmouth midfielder Laurent Robert has launched a stinging attack on Graeme Souness, warning his former boss that he is on track to be fired.
The Frenchman, who left St James' Park after being relegated to the bench, believes the Magpies would have lifted the 2005 Uefa Cup but for the manager.

"We would have won it if Souness had the intelligence to see what was going on," Robert told the Sun newspaper.

"If he keeps going like he has, he'll get fired and he'll deserve it."

Robert had a series of rows with Souness after being dropped.

"He put kids in the team and left me on the bench to annoy me. He's just a child," said the 30-year-old.

I can see only a lot more pain for the players, the fans and the chairman while he remains manager
Laurent Robert

"He made a personal matter out of our disagreement and, by punishing me, he punished the whole team.

"I'm sure Alan Shearer told Souness he had to play me - but nothing happened.

"He will get nowhere screaming at players and slamming doors.

Robert also revealed that he was not alone in his dissatisfaction, while in the Newcastle dressing room.

"Other members of the team aren't happy with him, though they don't have the courage to speak out. But I've never been afraid of anyone," he said.

"We finished last season so badly that, towards the end, I just laughed at him.

"And I can see only a lot more pain for the players, the fans and the chairman while he remains manager."

Story from BBC SPORT:

Published: 2005/06/28 02:26:28 GMT


Må si meg litt enig med Robert her, Souey er barnslig og tenker på seg selv personlig før lagets beste. Er vel bare snakk om tid før hele laget har mistet troa på han som manager. Vi har kasta en spiller som har betydd mye for nufc de siste årene på helt feil grunnlag. Skulle vært en ordentlig avskjed med Robert, ikke slik som dette :(

Mr Shepperd lover å ta oss tilbake til Champions League plassen, han sier han kommer til å gjøre hva som helst for å få oss dit, men han er sikker på at souey er rette mannen for denne jobben.

Souness sier han skal renske unna de som ikke har spillt opp mot sitt beste denne sesongen + de som skaper trøbbel for klubben(kanskje han skal si opp selv da?). Mest sannsynelig så forlater Bellamy, Robert og kluivert oss etter sesong slutt, og mange andre kan følge etter. Store navn som Owen, Huth, Downing og Scott Parker er linka med oss, men hvem vil vel komme til en klubb som ligger på 14. plass og er mest kjent for det som har skjedd utenom laget denne sesongen?


"Newcastle chairman Freddy Shepherd has promised to put the club back at the top end of the Premiership.

The Magpies went into Saturday's clash with Crystal Palace sitting 14th in the table after finishing fourth, third and fifth in the last three seasons, and both Shepherd and manager Graeme Souness know that is not good enough.

Souness is determined to get rid of the players he considers to be trouble-makers and under-achievers during a summer cull before recruiting the men he believes will take the club forward.

His chairman is determined to back him all the way.

"I want to assure our supporters that I will do whatever is necessary to get us back towards the top of the Premiership, however unpopular or popular that may be," Shepherd said in his programme notes.

"As chairman, I will do exactly what is best for Newcastle United, starting as soon as the last ball is kicked."

Newcastle have already been linked with a list of targets, including Michael Owen, Robert Huth, Scott Parker and Stewart Downing. Craig Bellamy, Laurent Robert and Patrick Kluivert are almost certainly heading for the exit door.

Shepherd is confident that the foundation for success is still there and will use Everton as his inspiration.

"Whatever anyone says about our recent run of disappointing results, you simply cannot get away from an injury situation at the club which has reached epidemic proportions," he said.

"You cannot, though, write 2004-05 off totally because we have had a great run in the FA Cup and a great run in the UEFA Cup, and no-one should forget that.

"However, I am the first to admit that the Premier League has been disappointing. There have been highs and lows and the finishing position will unfortunately be a low, but the good thing about football is that there is always another chance and everybody starts the following season level.

"What we have to do next year is what Everton have done this year. Last season Everton were near the bottom, but look at what they have achieved this season - they are favourites for the fourth Champions League place in the Premiership.

"That is what we have to aim for in 2005-06 - we have to do an Everton." "


« på: 25. April 2005, 14:06 »

"Having taken a verbal bashing from Graeme Souness for apparently leaving the new manager with a "poor squad" of players, Sir Bobby Robson insists the side he built was good enough for the top six."

"Robson, who also suggested Souness had made a major blunder in getting rid of Craig Bellamy, went on to question the wisdom of the club's decision to enter the Intertoto Cup.

SIR BOBBY ROBSON: "I've got to say I'm as shocked as any Newcastle fan. Back in August, I thought it was the best squad we'd had in my five years at the club and that included the one that finished third in the Premiership and reached the second-stage of the Champions League.

"Even now, when I look at the playing staff, I think its worthy of being in the top six. After all, the team had finished third, fourth and fifth in the previous seasons.

"I'm aware that when a former manager comments on his old club, people will think there is a hidden agenda, but there isn't. I still care about Newcastle as much as when I was manager and I don't see anything wrong in me talking about them if my opinions are constructive.

"Newcastle began the season dreaming of the Champions League. Now they are considering the Intertoto Cup. I wonder if it would not be better to concentrate fully on pre-season and getting it right in our domestic competitions." "

Hentet fra Talkofthetyne.com

Del følelsene deres....

Transfers / Daniel de Ridder
« på: 24. April 2005, 14:34 »
In todays Sunday Sun

By Neil Farrington

Newcastle are on the trail of Ajax's latest wonderboy Daniel de Ridder.

The magpies have had the right winger dubbed the Dutch David Beckham watched several times recently, with a view to a possible move in the summer.

United boss Graeme Souness received a glowing recommendation for De Ridder from James Milner and Steven Taylor, who were part of the England Under-21 side he took apart at Pride Park in February.

De Ridder, whose name translates as "The Knight", has just turned 21 and only signed a new contract at Ajax last December.

But the club has since parted company with coach Ronald Koeman and new boss Danny Blind plans big changes at the Amsterdam Arena this summer.

Blind anticipates losing De Ridder, a Holland international Rafael van Der Vaart and Brazilian wing-back Maxwell as he reshapes his squad.

But Newcastle could face a tough task to persuade De Ridder to move to the Premiership, with France where Lyon and Marseille are keen - understood to be his chosen destination.

Tottenham are also interested, and Manchester United have also been on his trail for a well over a year.

Souness is keen to strengthen the right side of his midfield, with Newcastle old boy Nobby Solano still a target despite a failed bid to buy him back in January.

Solano's Aston Villa team-mate Gareth Barry and Fulham's Luis Boa Morte are on Souness's wish-list to replace Laurent Robert down United's left flank.


Fant denne artikkelen på newcastle-online forume, og tenkte å paste den til dere som ikke leser der.


Alan Shearer and the raiders of the lost personality

Harry Pearson
Saturday April 23, 2005
The Guardian

A friend who lived through the Los Angeles earthquake reports that the damage wrought by such seismic events is psychological as well as physical. "The earth beneath your feet is one thing you think you can totally rely on," he says, "and then suddenly . . ."

Though we are lucky to live far from any major fault lines, this week many may have experienced just the sort of stirrings of uncertainty of which my friend was speaking. Because when Alan Shearer says something that makes you sit up and take notice you can practically feel the ground begin to tremble.

Article continues
The Newcastle No9's interviews have traditionally been a byword for dullness, the oral equivalent of an oatmeal carpet-tile. The sheet metal worker's son from Gosforth has set new standards in the field. It is hard to imagine nowadays that there was once a time when we derided his predecessor as England's premier marksman for being "boring". Frankly Gary Lineker was an episode of Desperate Housewives compared with Shearer.

It is said that Shearer copied his soporific public persona from Kenny Dalglish. I am not so sure about that. Admittedly I caught Dalglish only during the last days of his managerial spell at St James' but there was a rancour buzzing around him (and no, that isn't a rhyming-slang reference to Douglas Hall - well not an intentional one, anyway) that never seems to have attached itself to the centre-forward. Attending a Dalglish press conference during that time was akin to walking into a room in which a married couple have just had a major row about sex. It was uncomfortable, not vapid.

We are assured that Shearer, like Dalglish, is very different in private. How exactly he is different we are never told. So I like to imagine he lounges about in a brocade smoking jacket, listening to Wagner, rearranging his collection of Franklin Mint enamel thimbles and engaging in a lively debate on the aesthetics of the Gothic revival with a stuffed cassowary named Bernard.

Shearer is now said to be "building a TV persona for himself". Initially this largely involved laughing uproariously at those muttered remarks Alan Hansen makes just after the camera has cut away to the presenter. (What do you think it is that Hansen says at that moment that is so funny, by the way? And am I the only one who thinks he might be making a sarky comment about the jumper I'm wearing?) Certainly there was no indication from his appearances on Match of the Day that the man was about to erupt.

And then last week, without warning, Shearer spoke and the floor began to shake. And damn it all, I found myself actually reading what he had said, reading it again, reading it once more just to make sure and then rushing to stand in the nearest doorway. "You don't become a good player by being a bad character." That's what he came out with.

Couldn't he just have said, "As I say, good players don't become bad players overnight" or "I've been in football long enough to know that, when you're down to the bare bones, you have to roll your sleeves up and dig in"? Couldn't he at least have delivered a small tremor first to alert us?

Apparently not. He has been bottling it up for so long that once the crust cracked he just couldn't hold it in any longer, rumbling out an epigram of arresting nonsensicality that demanded a finger-jabbed-into-newspaper-while-spluttering- incoherently response.

Taking guidance from the new Pope, who it transpires is conservative in outlook (how about that for a real bolt from the blue?), I will ignore this new-fangled moral relativism and point to a few stars of yesteryear who appear to disprove Super Al's pronouncement. Garrincha, for example, whose offspring were scattered as carelessly across the globe as an oaf chucks litter from a car window; George Best; Diego Maradona.

Good players all, undoubtedly. In their prime any of them would have walked, or indeed, staggered into the Newcastle team. But good characters? Well now, I don't like to sound judgmental but, if any of them turned up on the doorstep asking if my daughter wanted to come out to play, I'd send them packing with a smack over the ear.

Mahatma Gandhi by contrast was certainly a good character. Gandhi stood up for what he believed in, he was courageous, he didn't let defeats get him down and he kept on fighting until victory was won. Pretty much like the Liverpool team whose virtues Graeme Souness was extolling this week. He even had the moustache.

But would he have been welcomed in Newcastle's dressing room? I suspect his advocacy of sexual abstinence might have been ignored, as might his habit of weaving his own kit.

A campaign of passive resistance eventually wore down the British Army but would it work so well against Andy Todd? I don't know the answer. One thing I do know though: next time Alan Shearer speaks you shouldn't stand near the windows.


Del følelsene deres..

Generelt / "Wanted: A Geordie Ambramovic!"
« på: 23. April 2005, 16:42 »
 " The rich are getting richer, the strong are getting stronger and the weak are getting even. Without European football and being unable to fund and attract top quality players, the future for our lot is very bleak indeed. "
With the season all but over save the singing (or more likely the booing) thoughts have turned to the Summer and what promises to be; namely a mass clear-out of dead wood and the possibility of much needed new faces being signed. Already reports of a £20-25m transfer kitty are doing the rounds and while I don't for one minute believe Graeme Souness (or his replacement!) will get anywhere near that amount, even if those kind of funds were to be released (they won't), it wouldn't be enough to turn the club around in my opinion... nowhere near enough!

Oh no, we will need much more than £20-25m to arrest the slide and to get back to competing for that coveted 4th spot which Freddy Shepherd & Co. maintain is the bare minimum of what this club should achieve. A lot more!

The club could well lose up to twelve players in the Summer if reports, rumours, body language and promised disciplinary action are to be believed; Shay Given, Robbie Elliott, Celestine Babayaro, Andy O'Brien, Kieron Dyer, Lee Bowyer, Laurent Robert, Patrick Kluivert and Shola Ameobi are all up for grabs in one way or another allegedly. While the-out-on-loan trio of Michael Chopra, Hugo Viana and Craig Bellamy will not be returning back for pre-season training. Those three are most definitely on their way out if you like.

Not all twelve will leave of course, but even if a third of them do which is very likely, they will all need replaced and that will cost money. Then there are additional players who will need brought in regardless of who stays and goes because the current squad simply isn't big enough nor good enough. Again they will all cost money. Suddenly, even far fetched figures like touched on above don't seem sufficient enough.

With no European revenue, an increasing wages to turnover ratio now touching above the recommended 50% guide, the manager whoever that is, will have to sell to boost what I expect to be a meagre kitty.

And that eventual figure, will just not be enough to bring in the quality of players in the positions we require strengthening to launch us from mid-table mediocrity where we now reside to challenging for that final Champions League spot we crave.

A mere two seasons after finishing 3rd, Newcastle, through grave mismanagement at Board and team level, indecision and failing to invest at the right time and with the necessary funds, now find ourselves playing catch up, big time. We have been overtook by Liverpool and Chelsea and are now struggling to keep neck and neck with the likes of Spurs, Villa, Everton, Middlesbrough and a whole host of other clubs who believe it or not, have all spent more on transfers (net spend) since we clinched that 3rd place finish.

Since then Newcastle have spent just £19m on transfer fees but have recouped £19.8m in sales. Effectively the club haven't spent a penny in the transfer market in two seasons - ZERO! This alarming statistic is just one of many reasons why we have went from 3rd in the League to 14th as I write. From Title contenders to relegation material. In that time the following clubs have all spent more in the transfer market (net spending) on new players than Newcastle:

Biggest Net Spenders    *Total Net Spend (2003-04/2004-05)
Chelsea    £192.23m
Manchester United    £38.74m
Liverpool    £25.1m
Arsenal    £21.05m
Tottenham Hotspur    £19.95m
Birmingham City    £15.05m
Aston Villa    £7.93m
Westbromwich Albion    £7.85m
Norwich City    £4.5m
Portsmouth    £4.5m
Crystal Palace    £4.150m
Middlesbrough    £2.5m
Bolton Wanderers    £650,000
Manchester City    £200,000

What is alarming is that only the top four in the above table can expect to be able or capable of outspending Newcastle who despite missing out on Champions League football, had something the rest, with the exception of Middlesbrough this season, just couldn't count on - European football.

Tottenham have invested heavily in their squad in the last two seasons considering their lack of European revenue and smaller gate receipts and they are now reaping the rewards. However they are a long long way off even contemplating challenging for a Champions League spot which just goes to show how tough it will be for Newcastle who now trail the London side, to bounce back to that level.

While Newcastle have a lot of dead wood to clear, Spurs don't, having signed young and promising players with a mixture of experience thrown in to give them a balance. Every new player they sign from here on in, will strengthen their squad further. Every new signing we make, will most probably be signed to replace an outgoing player. Therefore they get stronger, we don't. They are on the up, we are going nowhere.

That applies to the likes of Middlebrough, Aston Villa, Everton, Bolton, Charlton and those other sides hovering around 10th to 4th place too. They don't need to sell or clear out dead wood or have the internal and external problems that we do. Any signings they do make will strengthen their squads further thus their challenge. Villa are rumoured to have £20m to spend in the Summer. Everton could well have Champions League income to boost coffers already full with the return on Wayne Rooney and recently subsidised further by a refinancing package. Bolton could well have European football in the shape of the UEFA Cup to look forward to as well. Already an accomplished outfit, well balanced and organised, they can only get stronger should they bring in new faces. Middlesbrough will have got a taste for European football and will want more of it. Expect good old Steve Gibson to dip his hands into his own pockets once more in the Summer.

And what of Liverpool? The one club, who like Newcastle, are expected to at least fight it out every season for a Champions League spot. Yet having spent over £40m in the Summer, they, like ourselves, still lag way way behind the top three. And they have spent a net total of £25.1m more than we have over the past two seasons. Are they guaranteed a Champions League spot? No they aren't. But they will qualify for Europe next season and they will have more funds via their Champions League exploits to further boost their aspirations of at least reclaiming 4th spot. Next season is already looking a forgone conclusion...

Newcastle on the other hand, even if we are to see £20-25m, will struggle to to truly compete. I'm afraid mid-table mediocrity beckons for a long time, whether Souness stays or goes. Unless the club seeks outside investment or significant funds are to be released that is because that's the type of fix that is needed. Looking at the finances of the club however and the projected forecasts for the coming years, there isn't a lot there. Too much damage in such a short space of time has put the club back years.

The rich are getting richer, the strong are getting stronger and the weak are getting even. Without European football and being unable to fund and attract top quality players, the future for our lot is very bleak indeed.

Perhaps it is time for those running the club to relinquish their badly managed vice like control. We have a magnificent stadium as good as any in the world, gates of 53,000 come rain or shine, a loyal and passionate support and a hot bed of potential talent to tap into. Is there a club with more potential than Newcastle United? Is there a club so beset by the stench of underachievement and doom and gloom?

Freddy Shepherd & Co. now need to stop riding the cash cow they have created from the proceeds of our wallets and do the decent thing by the club and it's supporters. You've made you're money, now kindly get off!



Transfers / Craig Bellamy
« på: 22. April 2005, 14:44 »
Bellamy uttalte når han gikk på lån til celtic at han ønsket å fortsatt spille for Newcastle. Nå har han nettop vært ute å sagt at han ikke ønsket å snakke om potensielle klubber å gå til, kanskje han håper å få spille for oss igjen?

Synest vi bør hente tilbake Bellamy, elsker energien han viser utpå banen, elsker å se at han springer på alle ballene, uansett om han har liten sjangse for å nå den. Elsker å se hvor mye han krangler med dommern uansett om dommern har rett eller ikke,tror t.o.m dommerne liker han litt pga dette. Bellamy minner meg litt om Inzaghi når du ser på energien han viser på banen, kor mye han brenner for klubben, når han tar av når han skårer osv. Kan vi tilgi Bellers?  Jeg sier JA!

Generelt / "Souey unsure over Bowyer"
« på: 22. April 2005, 14:34 »
Vel visste ikke om jeg skulle hive denne under transfers eller her, så det blei nå her.



Newcastle boss Graeme Souness has admitted he cannot assure Lee Bowyer he has a future at the club.

Bowyer's position at Newcastle has been the subject of intense speculation since his infamous pitch brawl with team-mate Kieron Dyer.

The former Leeds man bore the brunt of responsibility for the fight and was banned for four matches and fined six weeks' wages for the incident.

Reports have suggested that Souness may decide to let Bowyer leave in the wake of the events and the Scot admits he cannot guarantee anyone's place at St James' Park.

"I can't assure that anyone's got a future here next year," said Souness.

"Lee is a very good player and he would be hard to replace, but you know we are looking to change things and obviously we have to make considerable changes and we will see what the end of the season brings."

Newcastle tackle Manchester United on Sunday just seven days after their FA Cup defeat to the same opponents.

United go into the game without suspended duo Gary Neville and Paul Scholes, but Souness does not think they will be weakened as a side in the duo's absence.

"I don't think so," Souness said of United being weakened. "I think it will be very difficult.

"Playing again after just being defeated makes them dangerous, we've been defeated too so I'd like to think it makes us dangerous."

Nå har vår kjære elskede manager vært å kosa seg litt i rampelyset igjen. Det han sier her er verken Bowyer eller noen andre kan være sikker på at de har en fremtid i klubben vår. Hvordan signal sender dette til våre spillere? Vi kaller de overbetalte og at de ikke har følelser for klubben, hvordan skal de få det når managern sier noe sånt som dette?

Jeg ga Souey en sjangse når han kom hit, jeg var en av de som ikke ville ha han hit, men når han kom så sa jeg at jeg skulle gi han en sjangse. Vel etter all media fokusen han har sotte klubben i, og det sportslige vi har visst under han, så synest jeg det er på tide å avslutte samarbeide vårt med denne udugelige Liverpool patrioten som sitter å kjører skuta vår. Når han kyssa handa si og tok på liverpool bannern på Anfield Road, da burde vi kasta han ut, sletta kontrakten hans, han brakte skam over klubben med den lille tingen der. Måten han har behandla Bellamy, og Robert på er en skam, gått ut i media å sagt at de ikke jobber godt nok, og han ikke liker de osv. Det er en skam.

Vel vi møter Man Utd i helga, gutta våre har hodet mellom beina fra før av, og nå sier souey på toppen av dette at de kanskje ikke har en framtid i klubben. Han har allerede sagt at han ønsker å kvitte seg med Robert etter han var ute i media før Sporting kampen, og har nermest gitt skylda på robert for at vi tapte.  Hvor skulle spillerne våre ønske å prestere godt visst de allerede veit at de blir solgt?  

Moralen blant spillerne å fansn er så lav som jeg ikke har sedd den siden Dalglish og Gullit dagene, det er kanskje værre nå. Noe må gjøres, jeg anbefaler alle her og sende Mail til Chronicle å fortelle deres historie om hvorfor dere vil ha Souey sparka, kanskje de skriver en artikkel og da vil Fat fred kanskje få opp øya. Er desverre eneste vi kan gjøre her hjemme fra. I newcastle har jeg hørt at noen har tenkt å demonstrere i hjemmekampen mot Boro.

If you can't voice your opinion outside the ground or inside on matchdays the next best thing is to email the Chronicle. They often publish messages and in numbers would start taking peoples feelings seriously and notify their fat friend Shepherd that he might not be guaranteed quite as much revenue next year.
En som skreiv på http://www.newcastle-online.com forumet.

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