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Generelt / Sv: Nye eiere: Mohammed bin Salman og PIF
« p: 16. Juni 2023, 13:35 »
Bare en liten tur innom hva eierne våre driver på med når de ikke styrer klubben. Nå skal de henrette 7 personer som var under 18 når de gjorde handlingene de dømmes for. Den yngste var 12.


Generelt / Sv: Nye eiere: Mohammed bin Salman og PIF
« p: 17. Aug. 2022, 22:45 »
Stikker litt når sånne saker dukker opp. Student i Leeds fengslet i 34 år når hun kom hjem til Saudi Arabia. Dette kunne eieren vår MBS reversert før frokost om han ville.

Generelt / Sv: Nye eiere: Mohammed bin Salman og PIF
« p: 12. Okt. 2021, 22:00 »
Kjempefin og balansert podcast med Lars Sivertsen og en ekspert på Midt-Østen https://podcasts.apple.com/gb/podcast/pl-kvarteret-181-nicholas-mcgeehan-om-saudi-arabia/id1472205621?i=1000538346239

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 09. Sep. 2020, 20:44 »
BREAKING: Newcastle United have confirmed The Premier League have officially rejected Amanda Staveley’s Saudi-backed takeover of the club. Mike Ashley, who is currently on Tyneside, is now understood to be considering his legal options.

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 02. Aug. 2020, 18:18 »
Satser på at de som var sterkt i mot oppkjøp og som kunne sprette champagne flasken kutter ut alt Saudi-Arabia har en finger med i og i tillegg kjemper for menneskerettigheter i landet. Da skal jeg applaudere dere.
Hvis ikke kan dere stappe moralen deres et visst sted.
Sjøl mener jeg at nå ryker en fantastisk arena for dere å protestere, for synlighet på en av idrettens største arenaer vil være umulig å gjemme seg fra.

De der "Åh, du er i mot x — da MÅ du engasjere deg mot y, z, æ, ø og å også!"-greiene kan du ta å stappe opp et visst sted. Om det er standarden alle skal holdes til, så kan ingen av verdens borgere protestere mot noe.
Alle kan ha en mening om oppkjøpet, og det stilles ingen renhetskrav for å være sterkt i mot det av moralske grunner

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 31. Juli 2020, 10:52 »
nå orker jeg ikke tro/håpe mer.
Det har gått for langt, nå har dem ødelagt TooN :(

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 30. Juli 2020, 23:59 »
Her er artikkelen i fra The Athletic for de som ikke har abo:
On Tuesday, the consortium attempting to buy Newcastle United were close to releasing an explosive statement. After 16 weeks of inertia, of the Premier League sifting through their Owners’ and Directors’ Test, of the club’s supporters stewing and fretting, the gloves would come off. Enough is enough, they were going to say; enough time, enough waiting. Make your decision.

By the time the statement came, less than 48 hours later, there was no decision left for the Premier League to make. It had been taken for them, bringing to an end the most contentious and wearisome takeover in the history of the division. Saudi Arabia’s Public Investment Fund (PIF), Amanda Staveley’s PCP Capital Partners and RB Sports & Media announced their withdrawal from the process “with regret”.

That regret reverberates around Tyneside, where most Newcastle fans were longing for an end to Mike Ashley’s 13 chequered years of ownership, even though the prospect of the club being propelled by Saudi riches had been tempered by wave upon wave of controversy. First, it was human rights, then it was television piracy. Finally, it was the basics of ownership and the drip, drip of months elapsing.

During detailed conversations with The Athletic, multiple sources connected to the consortium have claimed that:

The Premier League gave them “private assurances” before the deal was signed and again in mid-April that “approval would be forthcoming soon” before the mood music changed in June
After being asked by the Premier League to provide information about PIF’s independence from the Saudi state, there were guarantees “from the highest possible levels that there would be no state interference in the running of the club”
They believe the Premier League has been “unduly influenced by politically motivated attacks from third parties” and “repeatedly moved the goalposts and the process was devoid of transparency or objectivity”
They suspect some of their top-flight rivals, believed to be Liverpool and Tottenham Hotspur in particular, were strongly against the takeover and made their opposition evident to administrators
The “final straw” was the Premier League’s refusal to put a timeline on a decision, whether rejection or approval
The decision to pull out was agreed by all parties but led by PIF
Ashley asked for more money after the June 26 completion deadline had expired, raising the £300 million price, although Staveley told The Athletic “that is absolutely not the issue”
The Sports Direct retailer is now “distraught” that the deal has collapsed
According to their business plan, which was submitted to the Premier League, PIF had committed to investing an initial £250 million directly into the club, plus more into the city and region, including infrastructure projects
Henry Mauriss, the American chief executive of ClearTV Media, is not understood to be a serious rival to buy the club
Staveley was so convinced that a deal was imminent she took media training lessons, while members of her football operation house-hunted in the region
The consortium has lost their deposit, believed to be around £17 million, which would have been refunded had the Premier League rejected the deal
There is still a slim possibility the takeover can be revived. “I don’t know if this is the end of it,” they said.
So where did it go wrong?

A deal, worth in the region of £300 million, was signed and agreed on April 9 between Ashley and the Staveley-fronted consortium, at which point, as per Premier League procedure, the club themselves contacted top-flight administrators to begin the test, which started 16 weeks ago.

The group was made up of PCP, Staveley’s own venture capital and private equity firm, the Reuben family, headed by billionaire brothers David and Simon, and the Saudi Arabian PIF.

While Staveley was very much the public face and chief architect of the bid, having made three previous offers for the club in November 2017, her company would only have taken a 10 per cent stake. So too would the Reubens, who were joint-second on the Sunday Times’ Rich List 2020 with an estimated worth of £16 billion, and who boast a significant property portfolio in Newcastle.

It was the proposed 80 per cent majority shareholder, the PIF — widely recognised as one of the wealthiest sovereign wealth funds in the world and with reported estimated assets worth in excess of £260 billion — who were the controversial partner.

The Athletic understands that, as part of their submission to the Premier League, the consortium named the directors they would appoint to the board.

Among them were Staveley and her husband, Mehrdad Ghodoussi, from PCP. The Reubens were to be represented by Jamie Reuben, the son of David and a director at Championship club Queens Park Rangers, a position from which he would have needed to resign. Yasir Al-Rumayyan, the governor of the PIF, was to be the principal Saudi representative.

Al-Rumayyan would have been named chairman, reflecting PIF’s majority control, but it is understood that Staveley would have been responsible for managing the club on the group’s behalf. But the structure, as well as the Saudi appointees to the board, failed to satisfy the Premier League.

Sources close to the bid insist the issue which “kept being raised” by the Premier League and which it “became impossible to offer any further assurances on” was the separation between the PIF and the Saudi government, and whether Newcastle would have essentially become “state-owned”.

Human rights issues, including the war in Yemen and the murder of Jamaal Khashoggi, the journalist who was killed in the Saudi consulate in Istanbul in October 2018, were cited repeatedly by Khashoggi’s fiancee, Amnesty International and politicians. Concerns over the pirate broadcaster beoutQ and its alleged links to the Saudi network Arabsat were also raised in conversations with the Premier League.

Of course, all three matters are interlinked and, when the World Trade Organization (WTO) issued a ruling on June 16 which determined that the Saudi state had effectively supported the beoutQ operation, negative reports surrounding the fate of the takeover began to emerge.

The Premier League’s official broadcast rights holder in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA), beIN Sports, has opposed the deal throughout and remained adamant it will not and should not go through, insisting it has lost hundreds of millions in revenue due to piracy in the region.

According to sources in Riyadh, the Saudis understood that rival Premier League clubs feared the Newcastle takeover could lead to a loss of collective earnings if beIN Sports decided they no longer wanted to show English top-flight football. The existing beIN Sports deal cost £500 million over a three-year period and runs until 2022. One way to negate this fear would be for the Saudis themselves to buy the rights and therefore guarantee that Newcastle’s gain would also enrich the other 19 top-flight clubs. Yet it is unclear at this stage how seriously the Saudis considered investing themselves.

Earlier this week, Richard Masters, the Premier League chief executive, said in a response to a letter demanding clarity from Ian Mearns, MP for Gateshead and a Newcastle season-ticket holder: “I do hope that we will have a resolution to this matter soon but cannot commit to a specific timeline at this stage.” Just a few days later there was a resolution, but not one reached by the Premier League, who declined to comment on this latest development.

What now for Newcastle United?

The process has been torturous for all involved, as well as those at the club, one of whom described it as “like a boa constrictor around our necks” while it dragged on, but it has been most punishing for supporters. Already fatigued by Ashley’s contentious tenure, the majority have waited anxiously for the start of a fresh area. #cans was trending on Tyneside in April and May, with fans ready to toast the arrival of new custodians, but they remain stuck with an unloved owner, who himself is desperate to depart.

Instead, the retailer’s decision-making over the course of the next few weeks will prove crucial to the club’s fortunes.

Last month, a first-team source declared: “There’s no way back for Mike Ashley after this. There can’t be… can there?” Now, with Ashley having “firmly moved his focus away from the club” months ago, according to some at St James’ Park, another first-team source admits: “It’s going to be messy, it’s going to be toxic.”

Regardless, the club somehow has to pick up the pieces — and quickly.

The transfer window opened on Monday and, with their three loanees — Nabil Bentaleb, Valentino Lazaro and Danny Rose — set to return to their respective parent clubs, and the contract of Matty Longstaff, the North Shields-born midfielder, about to expire, Newcastle need to conduct significant business during the off-season. Pre-season training is due to begin around August 17, ahead of the 2020-21 season kicking off on September 12, and Steve Bruce, the head coach, has already admitted reinforcements are needed. A striker is the priority but a left-back, a midfielder and a wide forward are also being sought.

Ashley was due to speak to Bruce this week about off-season planning but, with reports claiming Newcastle’s coronavirus-affected transfer budget could be as little as £30 million, resources will be stretched in what already promises to be an extremely difficult market in which to operate. The Athletic made attempts to contact the club on Thursday to ask for comment but, by the time of publication, had yet to receive a response.

The limbo which the club has found itself in led to internal transfer meetings between Bruce, Lee Charnley, the managing director, and Steve Nickson, the head of recruitment, as well as shadow conference calls between the football advisers of the consortium, who had an alternative list of targets. While a director of football model and an overhaul in the club’s recruitment structure would have followed a takeover, it is instead Charnley and Nickson, along with Bruce, will lead this summer’s transfer business in a collective approach. Bruce claims that Newcastle already have “a couple of deals” lined up, but rarely have the club acted swiftly in the market during the Ashley era.

Those at St James’ Park have preached that it has been “business as usual” throughout but the prospective takeover has affected everything. Contract negotiations with first-team players have been placed on hold, with the agent of one squad member saying it had been “chaos” when attempting to deal with the club, and strategic long-term decisions have been deferred, with the expectation a new owner would soon be in place to make those calls.

Mauriss has been heavily linked with a takeover, while The Athletic has been made aware of at least one broker claiming to act on behalf of another potential American bidder. But the past 13 years have featured prospective buyer after prospective buyer and yet the club remains unsold, so cynicism is understandably the default reaction of most Newcastle fans.

In a statement, released shortly after 3.30pm on Thursday, Staveley’s consortium, in their first on-the-record declaration throughout the entire saga, confirmed that they had “formally withdrawn their interest”, citing the economic uncertainty caused by COVID-19 and the “prolonged process” as the reasons behind their decision.

“With a deep appreciation for the Newcastle community and the significance of its football club, we have come to the decision to withdraw our interest in acquiring Newcastle United Football club,” it read. “We do so with regret, as we were excited and fully committed to invest in the great city of Newcastle and believe we could have returned the club to the position of its history, tradition and fans’ merit… We are sorry it is not to be.”

Former Newcastle striker Mick Quinn summed up the mood of many supporters when he said “it’s the fans that get the shit end of the stick once again”.

The Newcastle United Supporters Trust (NUST), which sent a letter to the Premier League in June on behind of their 10,000-plus members, 96.7 per cent of whom declared they were in favour of the takeover in a poll, tweeted: “The supporters of Newcastle United have been treated with contempt by large parts of the football media & the Premier League during this failed takeover process. It’s been made clear that we are the least important people in a decision which affects us the most. We need answers.”

Chi Onwurah, MP for Central Newcastle who hosted a “Toon Town Hall” during lockdown to garner fans’ opinions on the prospective takeover, said: “I know that many constituents will be disappointed & frustrated by the withdrawal of the latest #NUFCTakeover offer. I will be writing to the @premierleague to ask why they took so long & gave so little clarity to #nufc fans.”

As for truefaith, the Newcastle fanzine, their reaction was simply, “Jesus Fucking Christ man.”

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 30. Juli 2020, 23:56 »
Tvers igjennom deprimerende alt som skjer om dagen. Jeg klarer ikke å bli skuffet over at vi ikke får den Saudi Arabiske stat som eier. Samtidig er det nærmest garantert at vi rykker ned neste sesong uten ny trener.

Spillere og ledere / Sv: Aleksandar Mitrović
« p: 29. Juli 2020, 13:37 »
Avslutta serien som topscorer med 26 mål og 2 assists. Et mål foran Brentfords Ollie Watkins, men han hadde til gjengjeld en assist mer. Skal sies at Ollie Watkins har spilt i overkant av 600 minutter mer enn Mitrovic.

Mitrovic said: "It's a nice honour. It means I did my job well this season, so I'm happy with this. Of course I want to thank my team-mates and manager, everyone at the club who helped me to win this. I want to say a big thank you because without them I wouldn't have won.

"It's a nice award and I'm happy to win it. Now hopefully we can finish the job and get promoted. It would be nice to follow this award with one more Play-Off winner's medal. That's what we're working towards and hopefully we can do it."


Ser også at Fulham vant den første play-off kampen mot Cardiff. Digg!
Liten tvil om at Mitro er en helt enorm Championship-spiller. Han har virkelig funnet nivået sitt.

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 21. Juli 2020, 21:28 »
Newcastle takeover takes new twist as £300m Saudi deal stalls indefinitely
EXCLUSIVE: The Magpies are planning for another season under Mike Ashley and Steve Bruce amid growing doubts over proposed £300m deal


Kamper / Sv: Brigthon - Newcastle United
« p: 20. Juli 2020, 21:16 »
Dette var trasige greier.

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 20. Juli 2020, 21:02 »
Tror det går dritt igjen, men bedre å tenke slikt så kanskje man en dag blir overrasket

Så hele livet skal være dritt med overraskelser?
Ville snudd på den og vært positiv så heller ta de fartsdumpene som kommer når den tid er her.
Jeg sneik meg hjem til TooN og klarte å snikfotografere dette bildet av han som koser seg med morgenkaffen.

Transfers / Sv: Overgangsvinduet sommeren 2020
« p: 31. Mai 2020, 14:30 »
Lite gira på Bale sjøl. Over the top og mye skada. Bare den jævla hjerte-feiringa med henda er nok til å mislike fyren.

Absurd at dette er et tema i det hele tatt  ;)

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 27. Mai 2020, 09:52 »
Gjelder å være litt kildekritisk. Dette er som nevnt bare clickbait.

Hva er galt med The Guardian som kilde og deres sjefsreporter Sean Ingle, som jo har rykte på seg å være svært troverdig? Og hvorfor er det clickbait å rapportere om innholdet i en helt fersk rapport i fra WTO?

Generelt / Sv: Newcastle til salgs
« p: 19. Mai 2020, 18:36 »
Premier League har sykt mye på bordet sitt for tiden, så tror ærlig talt det er eneste grunn til at dette drøyer. Tipper vi får rapportert ganske øyeblikkelig når de godkjenner salget, det er for mange folk involvert til at de klarer å holde det unna media.

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